Help Restore Forests Across America

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write my essay website The condition of America’s forests is currently degraded, along with the life-giving services these forests provide. In addition, many of America’s trees and forests are being destroyed by invasive insects and diseases. rutgers admissions essay help The USDA Forest Service estimates that over 80 million acres of National Forests are in need of restoration. Adding in other federal, state, private and tribal lands, The Nature Conservancy estimates the restoration backlog is 120 million acres (an area the size of California and West Virginia combined).

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Restoration Solutions

dissertation and theses database’s goal for U.S. forests is to collaboratively accelerate the pace and scale of forest restoration to address threats to people, water, and wildlife.


thesis dissertation services ucf plans to actively work with federal land managers and other partners to put these solutions to work in restoring our forests across the United States. essay writing services us Donate to help forests across America to ensure beautiful forests for future generations.

Donate – Choose A Gift

Planting a tree is a gift for future generations. As the tree grows, it will provide ever more benefits as the decades pass: clean air, clean water, shade, beauty, health, and joy.

It costs less than fifty cents to plant a tree. Make an online donation (see below) to help ensure future generations have beautiful trees and forests. All donations are tax-deductible. do book reports where can i find someone to write my term paper  

20 trees – $5

Your donation will help us plant 20 multi-purpose trees to benefit both people and the environment


40 trees – $10

get Your donation will help us plant 40 multi-purpose trees to benefit both people and the environment.


80 trees – $20

Your donation will help us plant 80 trees, enough trees to renew exhausted soil and increase crop production.


200 trees – $50 Help us plant 200 trees, enough to help replenish critical groundwater supplies and provide for future generations.