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Central America

We are planting trees in Honduras and Nicaragua.


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The varied environment of Honduras and Nicaragua ranges from lush rainforest and secondary forest vegetation in the hot humid north coast to cooler, humid high plateaus and drier fertile interior valleys to the semiarid south. Along the north coast, years of cattle use has left pastureland compacted and highly eroded, while logging has almost eliminated once abundant hardwood stands.

In the highlands, the improper cultivation of steep terrain and use of agro-chemicals for coffee and vegetable production have left streams and aquifers polluted and full of silt. In the central valleys, extensive logging has damaged important watersheds, leaving population centers with less and less water.

Southern Honduras has suffered from centuries of free-range cattle farming and shortening of the cycle of slash-and-burn agriculture. Once beautiful hills are barren, and streams that used to run all year now dry up in February, leaving communities without water until the rainy season in May.

Honduras has recently sold off much of its abundant pine and less common tropical hardwoods. The government now has instituted a certification process and barred harvesting of natural hardwood stands. Logging had dropped by 2008, but the demand for fireword remains a threat to forest cover. Higher energy prices have driven many urban dwellers back to the use of wood to cook their food. The price of firewood has doubled, attracting rural dwellers to cut and sell more wood.

Our Plans

We will work with Lancetilla Botanical Garden and Research Center to provide fruit trees and timber species to farmers who will plant them in the most fragile pastures, thus protecting areas at risk for erosion. We also will provide educational material explaining the advantages of specific species for forage, and the benefits of stable-fed dairy cattle.

We also plan on working with local organizations  to teach soil conservation practices, using nitrogen-fixing trees to maintain soils and improve their quality. We will also provide fast-growing timber species to coffee farmers to encourage them to grow shade coffee and to diversify their income. These seedlings will be certified by local government institutions so that farmers will have the opportunity to legally sell the timber.

Donate – Choose A Gift

Planting a tree is a gift for future generations. As the tree grows, it will provide ever more benefits as the decades pass: clean air, clean water, shade, beauty, health, and joy.

It costs less than fifty cents to plant a tree. Make an online donation (see below) to help ensure future generations have beautiful trees and forests. All donations are tax-deductible.

20 trees – $5

Your donation will help us plant 20 multi-purpose trees to benefit both people and the environment


40 trees – $10

Your donation will help us plant 40 multi-purpose trees to benefit both people and the environment.


80 trees – $20

Your donation will help us plant 80 trees, enough trees to renew exhausted soil and increase crop production.


200 trees – $50

Help us plant 200 trees, enough to help replenish critical groundwater supplies and provide for future generations.


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