Our Forests Are Vanishing We need your help mount marty college xat essay writing essay writer custom essay writing service to restore forests around the world.


usa-trees Many of America’s trees and forests are being destroyed by invasive insects and diseases. The USDA Forest Service estimates that over 80 million acres of National Forests are in need of restoration. Donate to help forests across America to ensure beautiful forests for future generations.

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Amazon Rain Forest

rainforest-trees Thre trees of the Amazon Rainforest help make up this spectacular biodiverse region. The Amazon Rainforest has suffered illegal deforestation for decades. Your donation will help in the restoration efforts of deforested areas.
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Central America

central-america-trees1 We are planting trees in Honduras and Nicaragua. Your donation gift will help educate rural communities in these developing countries the importance of trees. Trees will also be available to locals for planting to help restore their environment that was once deforested.
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Did You Know?
Trees Help Sustain Life On Earth

Trees Help Filter Water

Trees Naturally Clense The Air

Trees Help Regulate The Earth's Climate

Trees Support Humans, Animals and Nature

One donation can make a huge difference.

Your donation can help restore our forests and prevent deforestation.

Planting a tree is an investment in the futures, a symbol of hope, a gift to generations to come. As the tree grows, it will provide a variety of benefits as the years pass: clean air, clean water, shade, beauty, health and bring happiness to all.

It costs less than fifty cents to plant a tree. Make an online donation (see below) to help ensure future generations have beautiful tees and forests.

This website is brought to you by The Advocates Giving Association, a non-profit dedicated to improving the community and world we live in.

Help Us Meet Our Goal

treegoalWe’re currently at 23% of our targeted goal. Thank you to our biggest donor, Moon Kratom! A patron of the environment and a company showing continued dedication to renewing our shared resource of the ever dwindling trees on this planet. Visit their website to buy kratom online! We are so grateful to our donors who continue to give back to our planet, supporting our cause, and helping make it a better place for everyone! Many thanks to our newest sponsor Park City Fly Fishing Co.

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